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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part

call waiting
Call Waiting on Flickr by Tanjila

I have to tell you a secret.
We are moving.

No, not my family... my blog...and you are coming with me (right? please say 'Right!').

That is just one of the many things keeping me from here. Actually, the fact that I'm working on a new site AND I want to save my best NEW posts for the NEW site.

So tonight I sit here waiting for a video to upload to YouTube {drumming fingers} and decided I should at least post something about the move.

It's to a new domain, hosted on SquareSpace.
It's going to have My VERY OWN LOGO and...
Some semblance of a BRAND!
My pals from Blissdom like @shortpumppreppy, @JessicaKnows, and @MooshinIndy will be so proud of me because they are very big on the whole brand thing. (Not sure I actually 'got' what they were talking about but after consulting with my cousin/ace desiger/artsy-fartsy/co-worker...I think I get it.)

And I'm so freakin excited I simply can't wait to show you!!!

Except that we have to wait {drumming fingers} {sigh}

Just like I'm waiting for that video...
Impatiently yours,


cathy said...

Keep us posted! We want to go with you!