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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Becoming an Empty Nester

The freedom!
The excitement!
I have become an "empty-nester" (during school days). Both my children are finally out of the house (from 8:30am-3:00pm) and I'm ready to redecorate (clean up and organize).

Yes, today was the first day of kindergarten, and I couldn't muster up a tear to save my life. Had I been able to wipe the grin off my face for even a moment, and maybe dug deep or tried the Alexander technique I picked up in an acting class, then maybe.

I was just too excited for them, for me, and for the mimosas I would be enjoying at my neighbor's house shortly after kissing them goodbye.

A few things of note:
1) We are "walkers" and that, it turns out, is half the fun. Catching your buddies along the way...I felt at times like the Dr. Pepper guy. "I'm a walker. You're a walker? Wouldn't you like to be a walker too!"

Notice we're making good use of those backpacks!

The note cards pinned to them are name/address tags,
NOT price tags (I'm Scary but give me some credit).

2) My issue with over-packing has now spilled into school...I stuffed in extra shoes (more on this), sweaters & jackets...and then almost forgot their lunches!

3) My little fashionista had to change shoes within the first 2 blocks because the new ballet flats were giving her a blister...I'm just glad she's not a total slave to fashion. See her bravely sporting the orange Frocs (fake Crocs) below.

M lining up outside her classroom.

L waiting patiently at the end of her line.

4) Both girls seemed nervous but excited and neither of them cried nor clung. They were brave and I am so very proud of them...ok, I feel the smallest tear now starting to form.

5) I have learned the real secret to stopping global warming...make all school memos electronic. Of course, then we wouldn't need a backpack. It always come back to the backpack.

Happy back-to-school everyone,

ScaryMom of 2 kindergarteners

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mine Happy at the Bay

sing to the tune of "My Favorite Things"
Blue crabs and boat rides

And tubing and high tides

Good friends and games

With kids running insane

Cruising the seas and lunch at the beach.
These are a few of my favorite things!

OK, enough singing. But seriously, our neighbors had us down to their bay house and treated us to an amazing weekend filled with too much food, too much sun, and too little sleep. But ya gotta live on the edge sometimes.

So here are some pics and a big shout out to T, K, A, and little M who snapped up my affections with his way of saying "mine" when he refers to himself.

M, ScaryMom & L on the dock

Nothing like a loud motor to get you to nap!

Don't rock the boat!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Fun at an NFL Game

Is it appropriate to take kids to an NFL game?

This, dear friends, is what I've been asking myself since last weekend.

The testosterone-heavy crowds didn't bother me.
The sketchy parking lot w
ith broken glass everywhere, and the greasy street sausage didn't make me hesitate either.
Nor did the beer and cuss words...of which there were LOTS.

As season ticket holders, I knew what to expect. But I haven't been to a game since the twofer was born.

However... the minimally-dressed ladies promoting a questionable club, and lining the street corner is what made me question my judgment.

I'm wondering...
were the ladies there 5 years ago? Or do I just look at things differently now?

We took precautions to increase the fun factor and reduce the "eeew" factor. We chose a pre-season game, got seats much closer to the field than we usually have, purchased 2 mini jerseys and said a little prayer that the crowd around us would keep the belligerence to a minimum. It paid off!

L & M loved the whole experience.

M, L & Mr. looking a the big TV screen

They loved, in this order:
1. the junk food
2. the cheerleaders
3. spying on people with the binoculars

The Mister loved sharing the experience with his little Ravens fans and discussing which players have "the power".

And I loved returning to the parking lot to find the car still in one piece, with all 4 tires inflated, and her beloved Sirius radio still on the dash.

All in all - a great night. Would I do it again? Maybe. I've done scarier things twice.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Can I wish that they would wish differently?

What does a 5 year old wish for?

Today at one of Yoko Ono's Wish Trees we each took one of the slips of paper (these look ironically like enlarged price tags) and a pencil, and started to jot down our wishes.

When I asked E & E what they wanted to wish for I was, at first, a little disappointed:

"New dolls!"
"More Webkinz!"

Was I really thinking they'd come up with something like "World Peace" or "No Hunger"? I mean, they have no idea the world they live in isn't peaceful. They've never experienced true hunger.

I've decided that what we wish for really depends on our life experience.
And so while their wishes seem shallow, it's a good thing (for now) and means they really have all they need.

It's our job as ScaryMom and Dad to teach them that not everyone is so lucky, and that may just alter what they wish for in the future.

For the record:
L settled on "I wish I had a bunny".
M chose "I wish I had more dolls. "
ScaryMom would like to consult with her dad one last time.
ScaryDad offered something unprintable in a family blog such as this!

Twofer Thumbs Up to Yoko and her idea/experiment to keep Lennon's Imagine fresh in our minds, and for making us active participants with Wish Trees all over the world.

The Scarys

Friday, August 8, 2008

Chores? Or am I breaking child labor laws?

The list of chores is neither long, nor difficult.
The fact that I got rid of my cleaning lady, and now actually pay my kids to help is what concerns me.

I'm really trying to look at my motivation.
Note: another of my neuroses is thinking everything I do is going to screw up my kids

My reasoning to them (and to myself) is this:
We are a family.
Each member of the family has a job.
If I (or Mr. Scary) have to do ALL the work, then we don't have time to do fun things like go to the park, the pool, etc.

The fact that they earn "an allowance" is a way for them to start learning about the value of money. RIGHT?

Or am I just trying to get some help cleaning my house for $4 a week?

So far I know of only one other family (and I know lots of families) where the kids have chores...and get paid. And I keep hearing from my kids that no one else they know has "jobs".

But then I think of how cute (and proud) they were when we took them to Target and they shopped for themselves (travel pillow for M, Hannah Montana magazine for L) using money they had earned, and stuffing the change back into their wallets.

And I think - maybe I'm not so scary.


T-Minus 20 Days and Counting!

Gimme an S!
Gimme a C!
Gimme an H!
Gimme an O!
Gimme another O!
Gimme an L!

What's it spell? SCHOOL!
Say it again! SCHOOL!

Let's just say this summer thing is starting to get on my nerves.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glue Sticks and Crayons and Jeans, oh my!

We had our FIRST real back-to-school shopping trip ever.

When L & M were 2 and starting preschool we went and got them backpacks and lunch boxes, and maybe a few clothes. But they didn't really get it. Plus, we've they have been happy to wear the cute, trendy hand-me-downs we get from my niece (shout out to you Jules!)

These days, it's a whole new game.

Grammy L (who is our primo, number one shopping partner) is visiting and offered to "treat" L & M to some shopping at Target. We got everything on the kindergarten shopping list, and then some.

When we moved into the clothing department all hell broke loose.

L is running around wanting to play in the clothing racks.

M is in ecstasy, drooling at the mouth as she picks out all kinds of tops, pants, skirts, a pink football jersey thing (WTF?) and just about anything that might show up in the next High School Musical movie.

As I casually steer her back to more age-appropriate items I realize the girl has a sense of style like nothing I've seen before. And, dare I say, I'm impressed! And definitely scared. She'll be the girl who can spot a pair of Prada shoes or a Marc Jacobs bag 100 yards away.

L, on the other hand, is tired of standing, and wants to just sit on the bench in the dressing room. Thank goodness she has a twin to do all the choosing! Of course we no longer do matching, but they still like the similar-but-different look sometimes (same shirt, different color).

When we got home M starts showing daddy the new clothes and shoes.
L grabs her new HSM notebook and write this (with some spelling help from me), "I wish I had a pony that can talk."


And so as we continue to celebrate their differences, a big thank you to Grammy L for the $235 "treat". Could we possibly be done with back-to-school shopping?


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sugar, Sweat & Tears...just another day at Hershey Park

"This is the BEST DAY Ever Mom!"
A direct quote from L & M.

Not so much for the parents.

I think you have to go into any amusement park in the summer knowing:
a) you'll be hot and sweaty
b) whatever the day, there will be crowds and lines
c) you will spend too muc
h money and eat too much junk

In addition, if you're a neurotic like me you will also
d) yell too loudly as one child keeps wandering too far away
e) cringe at th
e thought of the germs living in the water park area

And if you are married to Mr. Scary you will
f) get annoyed when he keeps walking off
and not telling anyone where he's going
g) give him the silent treatment
h) make-up and still love him because it's a team effort to get throug
h a day like that.

That said, you are a
lso guaranteed to get huge smiles, screams of joy, and lots of giggles from your kids. And that is what makes it worth the trip.