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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On Becoming an Empty Nester

The freedom!
The excitement!
I have become an "empty-nester" (during school days). Both my children are finally out of the house (from 8:30am-3:00pm) and I'm ready to redecorate (clean up and organize).

Yes, today was the first day of kindergarten, and I couldn't muster up a tear to save my life. Had I been able to wipe the grin off my face for even a moment, and maybe dug deep or tried the Alexander technique I picked up in an acting class, then maybe.

I was just too excited for them, for me, and for the mimosas I would be enjoying at my neighbor's house shortly after kissing them goodbye.

A few things of note:
1) We are "walkers" and that, it turns out, is half the fun. Catching your buddies along the way...I felt at times like the Dr. Pepper guy. "I'm a walker. You're a walker? Wouldn't you like to be a walker too!"

Notice we're making good use of those backpacks!

The note cards pinned to them are name/address tags,
NOT price tags (I'm Scary but give me some credit).

2) My issue with over-packing has now spilled into school...I stuffed in extra shoes (more on this), sweaters & jackets...and then almost forgot their lunches!

3) My little fashionista had to change shoes within the first 2 blocks because the new ballet flats were giving her a blister...I'm just glad she's not a total slave to fashion. See her bravely sporting the orange Frocs (fake Crocs) below.

M lining up outside her classroom.

L waiting patiently at the end of her line.

4) Both girls seemed nervous but excited and neither of them cried nor clung. They were brave and I am so very proud of them...ok, I feel the smallest tear now starting to form.

5) I have learned the real secret to stopping global warming...make all school memos electronic. Of course, then we wouldn't need a backpack. It always come back to the backpack.

Happy back-to-school everyone,

ScaryMom of 2 kindergarteners


Dianna said...

Good luck with the organizing now that the girls are in school :) I look forward to that day...guess at 5 months, will be sometime till the boys are off lol Looks like they were really excited :)

Evie said...

Aww, I'm glad the first day went well for all involved!! I hope I'll be this positive next week.....

Sandy Buckley said...

How adorable, J9! The one where they are walking away with their little backpacks is precious!!!! Hugs and Kisses to Emma and Ellie!! Love, Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

Too cute!