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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Like an Old Married Couple

Since vacation (which was great!) the girls have been getting used to just having each other. We've been to the pool which helps and I'm trying to schedule some separate play dates. But until camp starts (next week - hurrah!) they are mostly stuck with each other.
And like an old married couple, they fight and forget why.
Let's listen in, shall we?

L: "Mommy, M keeps calling me a liar. This day and all day yesterday and the other day."

Me: "Look L, ignor her, or find another way to deal with it."

M: "I'm going to ignore L Mommy."

Me: "All I can say is you guys better find a way to work it out. All you have is each other so my suggestion is to be nice to each other."

M: "Wait, why were we angry again?"

L: "Because I said you broke the pink thing and you said you didn't."

M: "Oh yea. You want some of my watermelon?"