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Friday, February 20, 2009

Another book, an extra hug, a photo and a reminder of what I have

Just because they looked cute

Yesterday I was checking in with a blog hero, Anissa to see how her daughter Peyton was doing after a horrific day getting blood drawn. You see Peyton has cancer. Peyton also recently had her port removed and the family celebrated a Cancer Free day. So this bloodwork would determine whether the party could continue, or if the family would get back on that roller coaster of fear, pain, sadness, worry, and general suckiness. (The results, after a loooong 2 days were good...silent cheer!)

I then caught a tweet by local blog star Jessica about a little angel named Vivi. Of course I went to Jessica's blog and read the post and then HAD to go to Vivi's own blog. And then the tears started.

But I wasn't done. From Vivi's blog there were several other links to blogs about children who are battling cancer, and the parents who are putting on brave faces, celebrating milestones, or in some cases, learning how to say goodbye.

By the time I was done it was after midnight, my eyes were puffy and red, and my heart ached and ached. I think there were a few hiccupy-breaths in there too - you the kind you used to get when you were little and just wailing? Yea, I had that.

But today I woke up a little different.
  • I actually read not one, but two books to the girls this morning (I never read before school as we're usually late from the minute we're up!).
  • I took extra time to sit with the girls when they got dressed (instead of yelling to them to hurry up as I make lunch).
  • Then something unusual happened - they both asked me to put their hair up in a ponytail, my fave! So I took the time to do that too.
  • They were so cute in their little skirts with their hair up that we took extra time to take some pictures.
  • We were definitely late to school, but I gave them each an extra long hug and kiss before they went into the building.
  • I then kept my promise (the same promise I have broken 3 days in a row now) of making chocolate covered strawberries today after school
Today I was a different mom...a better mom - I'm not afraid to say that. I'm improved. I give thanks to those parents who reminded me to appreciate what I have and to take that extra time. I will hug, and kiss, and squeeze, and help, and read to, and cook with, and tickle, and tuck in and everything else more now to honor the parents who can't.

What will you do?



Debbie N. said...

Janine that was great!! I know you love being the blogger that writes reviews and all that jazz, but I loved this post best!

Joann K. said...

My girls have gotten in the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and sneaking into my bed. It can be a little annoying as it inturupts my hard to come by sleep. As I look over at them, cuddling face to face with eachother, so innocent and so content, I appreciate that life does not get any better than this. I find myself stealing kisses from their beautiful lips as they sleep, selfishly not caring if I wake them for a moment. I will accommodate Claire and Alexa's every request for cuddles and snuggling for as long as they let me do it! I'm so lucky! WE'RE so lucky. Thanks for that post!

Scribbit said...

I love those days when you can sit back and say "I did a great job as a mom today"--makes you feel wonderful.

Rock and Roll Mama said...

J- I love this reminder to appreciate health and love while we have it. So often, I'm overwhelmed by stories like that, and am not sure how to translate them into positive action. I love how you did it. And your girls are ADORABLE!!!

Jessica McFadden said...

Thank you so very much. Beautiful girls, beautiful post. The joy on their faces in the photo made my day. Thanks for the love you are sending the angels as well as the warriors on earth.

Adrienne said...

Beautiful post, Janine. Makes me stop and think :)

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Great way to take Vivi's story and make some good come from that terrible loss.

And your girls are adorable!

A Modern Mother said...

First, cute photo!

It's strange/nice how some things touch you.