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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twincident #147: A broken swing can be fun with a twin

Did they break the swing on purpose? I have no idea - but they did seem to be having a lot of fun.

Have your kids had more fun with something after it broke?
Do tell!


Musings from Me said...

Yes. My daughters tortured a Barbie three summers ago. First she was painted. Next she lost a leg. Then a head. Then she was hurled up in the air and left to fall repeatedly on the driveway. Next bashed on the driveway. I eventually tossed the doll as I found the headless creature disturbing. The rest of the Barbies are intact. Thank goodness!

JP laqueur said...

Ok, I just want to know if those are your Thumbs or Scary Dad's in the Twofer Thumbs Up photo?

Seriously, awesome job on this whole constellation of sites! I can't believe how much you have been putting into this! The Poken thing too? With payment options? All on Blpgger? Awesome....sis. You rock!