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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We've Lost a Tooth! (Warning: this post may not be suitable for all ages.)

Frankly, this post is not suitable for me! It has taken me 2 days to even watch the video and y'all know how much I love seeing myself on tv.

M's tooth was wiggling so much she was getting really whiny and complaining that it was annoying her so much she just wanted it out.

Mister tried first but couldn't get a good grip (blaming it on his pudgy finger...puhhlease) and brought out the pliers...seriously.

So of course she decided it could wait another day, and it did...lucky me.

It just so happened that our neighbor was over and was willing to hold my Flip while Mr. held the 'real' video camera and L sat back with neighbor kids and watched the torture.

(All I can say is there was a moment when I thought I had broken the tooth and some was still in there, but thankfully, I was just nervous and wrong. It was a clean break.)

Here's what it felt like when I pulled (read: yanked, tugged, snapped) her tooth:
1. the Inquisition
2. the 'snap' of a crisp green bean
3. the wave of nauseousness that came with morning sickness
4. the sweaty clamminess of what I imagine menopause will be like

Oh, you mean you want to know how M felt?
This is my show people. All she had to do was sit back and dab the bloody tissue. I did all the work!

For the record, she said it didn't hurt, it just was a little scary. And it stopped bleeding soon after.

Just getting my appetite back,
Janine (torture queen)


Debbie said...

If by all ages, you mean parents, maybe, because Emily said "mommy that is a cool movie" And Janine, I swear I thought you were going to puke, you got pretty white there at the end. Good job.

Pamela Kramer said...

That is hilarious! The look on her face. rofl - Happy WW.

Mariana @ Riding With No Hands said...

Wow, I commend you both for being so brave!!

Mike said...



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Fiona said...

omg you said "count to three" and I couldn't watch an more! I'm a total wimp!

La Diva said...

I must admit, I only read but didn't watch. I'd toss my dinner just by watching. LOL