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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Twofer Review Diane Birch's Debut Album: Bible Belt

THANK YOU @DianeBirch and @steviegpro for coming up with music that is wooing my twins away from Hanna Montana and High School Musical!

I kiss the ground you walk on.
I throw roses in your path.
I fan you with very large palm leaves and feed you grapes.
I, in a word, owe you.
(Whatev, 2 words.)

Bible Belt is the debut CD from Diane Birch and has a great mix of music that we all enjoy. The girls ask for Rise Up every time we get in the car. I think it's the line, "Rise up little sister...", where they think Diane is talking to them. God help me if they take it seriously and start a revolution in my house...but worse things have happened.

Video of Twofer rockin Rise Up

I loved that song but it's now theirs and so I had to find a new one. My new favorite is Photograph and the surprise ending with the gospel choir is AWESOME! But I also love Valentino and Nothing But a Miracle.

For those of you who want to hear some track's to Diane's debut CD Bible Belt go here: Diane Birch Media page (ALSO see video, and read the lyrics)

If you want to purchase the album AND donate $1 to a great cause click on this little widget below:

Want your own widget to help raise money? Go to Discover and Donate Diane Birch.

And if you want to hear me sing karaoke on the road trip to BlogHer (thanks to the page with the lyrics) stay tuned!


Sugar Jones said...

I'm totally digging this CD. I have it mixed in with some other goodies on my iPod for my hiking mix. Really keeps me going!

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