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Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's the BIG NEWS...I'm a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom!

I have been sitting on this little secret for a few weeks now and am SO excited to start talking and blogging about it!

What does 'Frigidaire Test Drive Mom' really mean?

Well, th
anks to Mom Central I was given the opportunity to submit an entry explaining why I should be chosen to test drive appliances in the new Frigidaire line. Test Drive means I get NEW and I get to KEEP (squee!) in return for the time I put into documenting my REAL experience using these appliances.

The new Frigidaire line has incredible time-saving features for your kitchen and laundry room. So what am I getting?

The new Red Frigidaire® Affinity Laundry collection!

I know, I KNOW! I just peed a little too I'm so excited! Hubs is not thrilled with the red and all that but he'll get used to it because, um it's freakin awesome!! Plus, the basement is his. He has his wall of TVs, I get my RED, super cool wash
er and dryer. These are going to really spice up my boring laundry room and will hopefully help detract from the litter box filled with cat poop too!

How I'm going to share my Frigidaire experience with you?

Apparently the new Affinity Laundry collection includes the Fits-More™ Dryer that will allow me to dry the whole family’s clothes at once. You can bet I will be testing out, weighing, and measuring the laundry piles and taking video and photos so you can see first-hand.

Plus, the Affinity Laundry collection has TimeWise™ technology to make the dryer and washing cycle equal. Finally a real breakthrough for laundry machines! The most annoying part of doing laundry is having a second load of wash that's ready to be dried while the dryer isn't done with the first...or second, or third load.

Bottom line, I hope to be on the good side of the Frigidaire Motherload Index so I can get a little More Me Time which I will explain in my next post!


Who are the other Frigidaire Test Drive Moms?

I don't know, yet. But I do know you can find out and follow along on this journey with us in 2 ways.
1) go to and use #FrigidaireTeam
2) join the Frigidaire Facebook fan page!

I can't believe I'm going to sign off with this but...

Looking forward to doing laundry,

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Brandi said...

I am so freaking jealous!!! I have been begging for RED front-loaders for ages! Do these have a steam option? I finally convinced Damon to look at them, and we're having a hard time finding some with steam that come in red too.

Cate O'Malley said...

That's awesome - love their shade of red. Almost makes doing laundry fun. ;)

Janine said...

Brandi, I'm not sure what it does yet! I don't get them until the end of the month but I will be SURE to give all the deets on the features when I know what they are!

Cate, can you believe how excited I am now to do laundry? Think that will wear off?

Musings from Me said...

You are going to be in laundry heaven! The red will brighten up your laundry room. So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

Talk about green with envy! SHeesh! You are one lucky lady!! LMTailOff at your post!

Mariana @ Riding With No Hands said...

This campaign is going to be SO much fun!! I'm so happy you're on board, and honored to be in a group with such amazing women! **big SQUEEE!!**

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Congrats, I am on the same team!!!