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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Sunday and our Wall of TVs

kickin' back, watching the games

Football Sundays: these are Sundays between September and mid-January when Mr. Scary spends the entire day watching football. It is his ONE THING. He doesn't golf, ride road bikes, or even go out much with the guys. He loves football and I have learned to compromise.

That compromise comes in the form of a Wall of TVs. One large TV surrounded by 6 smaller ones, plus satellite boxes for each and a mound of wiring that could sink a small ship. All this neatly packaged in a custom-made "cabinet" on caster wheels so you can get behind the Beast if necessary. Oh, and there's a TV in the corner by the pool table too.

If I added up what all the TVs, satellite, cable, and electricity bills cost I'm sure it would be disturbing. However, I cannot put a price on what the Wall of TVs has given me in terms of family time, peace of mind, and general happiness on football Sundays.

You see, Mr. Scary isn't out at a bar all day. He's in the basement basking in the glow of the TVs, often with the Twofer playing down there too. He's got his laptop and his cell phone to manage his fantasy teams and suicide leagues. I get to read the entire Sunday paper (a luxury in most households) AND he's available if I should have to run out for errands, or even if I want to sneak upstairs and watch a movie! So really in some ways, this compromise is more like a win-win situation... and a win-win-win if the Ravens do their job!

NOTE: we had this set up before any MTV Cribs episode.

And so without further ado...let me present
The Wall of TVs.

If I was smart I'd find some way to get Best Buy or Tweeter to sponsor this post.

Happy start of football!


tinnymc said...

ummm - I also think that marketing degree could have come up with a better name than 'Wall of TVs'! c'mon Janine! ;) tiff

Karen said...

Wow. What does the remote control for that set up look like?

SM/LG said...

I've lost count of how many remotes we have but the smaller ones all respond to one type and so often you change the channel for 3 tvs instead of just the one. It's a real skill!

Blondie?Pamela said...

That is awesome. I would love to have that in my livingroom and now you have given me an idea.