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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Despite the car, I'm still Trying to Let it Go Tuesday

How ironic that one of my worst days is a Tuesday - the one day I'm trying to conciously Let It Go. Ha!
Oh well, here's my best effort:

1) The fact that I am soooooo overly tired and simply can't sleep. Take an Ambien and Let it gooooooo.

2) The mountain of laundry I have to do sometime between tomorrow and Thursday morning. Let it goooooo.

3) My hair, it's greyness, and the fact the people have started asking me where my twins get their red, FROM ME!??!?! Let it gooooooo. (I'll make an appointment next week.)

So there. What are you letting go of?


The Laqueurs said... are fine and beautiful sis! Don't sweat any of it. And look forward to a fun weekend!