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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well it was bound to happen!

At just 5 years old, my kids often have more cash on them than me.
I needed to prepay the neighbor kid to take care of our cats and mail while we're gone this weekend...I didn't even have $10 on me.
I saw the little Hello Kitty wallet sitting there just brimming with ones...

ScaryMom "Um, L? Can I borrow some money?"

L, "For what?"

ScaryMom, "I have to pay the neighbor to take care of Fatcat and Franklin while we're gone."

L, after a long pause watching me sweat it out... "Yes. But don't forget to pay me back!"

(Just another reason I'm glad we decided to give them a small allowance.)

Anyone else had to break into their kid's piggy bank yet? Be honest...


Suanne said...

(Raises hand)...Hi I'm Suanne and I have no cash.
("Hellllooo, Suannnne").
I was returning library books and I knew I had overdue fines so I took $20 out of the Charity Jar.
("Collective Gasp of Horror").
But I put it back!!!
("Collective Look of Forgiveness")

And yes, I've dipped into Julie's piggybank for singles and left an IOU.

Anonymous said...

Yes I've had to borrow money from one of my twins. Once while we were at the mall I really needed to get some bottled water to fix a bottle for my 9 month old. Did not want to have to use the debit card for $1.25. She made sure I paid her back. I have one twin that is very fruggle with her money and NEVER spends it. The other has no money left because she spends it as soon as she gets it and then tells her sister to buy her stuff because she's out of money. She is still working on her sister to buy her some stuff for her American Girl doll. She tells her sister she'll let her play with it whenever she wants.(yeah right?) Funny to hear them bargin and barter between eachother. My daughter that saves her money thought it'd be a good idea to save all her teeth she's lost and turn them in all at once to the tooth fairy. She's expecting to hit big in the $cash one night soon. She doesn't realize the tooth fairy is broke.

Debbie said...

My daughter babysits and always has more money than me. I've also been known to raid the "lunch milk" money fund. Sad, isn't it?

Lorie said...

ALL OF THE TIME!! My poor son should start charging me interest! Seriously! But the kid is loaded! He is such a good saver! And I am so bad about carrying cash!

And even when I do have cash he is always the one that has to make change for me!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Yeah. Been there. The boys great grandma gave them twenty each on a recent trip. When we got back, I wore the same jeans I had the day she gave me the money for their bank. While at the neighborhood fantasy football league draft, I realized it's a pay league that costs $20 each. I reached into my pocket and handed the team manager the money telling him he just took my kids college fund so my DH and I can play Fantasy football. If either of us win the league the money goes right into their banks!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said...

That is so funny and no, you are not even alone! lol