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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "Promise me, No skydiving parties" Contest!

(Read + Comment = You'll be entered to win!)

Birthday parties have become mini adventures for my kids. One weekend it’s a princess tea party including dress-up, makeup and fashion show. The next weekend it’s breaking boards at a karate p

What ever happened to some games, some cake, and then watching the birthday boy/girl open presents? I remember THAT W
AS the entertainment.

I have to admit that I am guilty of elaborate parties including Elmo, pony rides, and DJs. And I have to admit that a part of me is thrilled the Twofer gets to try so many different things at the expense of someone else (oh please, so are you). Each new experience has left them with a huge smile, and for the most part, a good boost to their self-confidence. Trying new things even when you don’t want to, or are afraid, is a good thing.

Last weekend was no exception. The Twofer was invited to a climbing party at Earth Treks. M flat out refused to even look at the climbing wall. I didn’t push and simply said she needed to be friendly and wish our host a happy birthday…but we were staying. L, as usual, was shy but definitely wanted in on the action.
L taking on some vertical

L donned a hardhat, harness and web of rope and proceeded to stick her fingers and toes onto little nooks and crannies and climb up a fake, 2-story rock wall.

As usual, M’s twin-competitive streak in her won out and she got in that climbing gear quicker than you can say “listenmissy”.

M having changed her mind

She charmed her way to the front of the line and she was up that wall about 4 feet and said, “I’m ready to come down now!”

Well after 3 tries, both girls reached the top of that 2-story wall and I didn’t even have a heart attack. Of course, they were assisted (and safely tethered) by some very nice Earth Treks guys who tried to get me up there. Sorry, my thighs were not meant to be pinched and squeezed into those straps and I don’t need people staring up at my, um, padunk-adunk.

(The best part? The grandmother wanted to try climbing and I got to wear her huge diamond! Karma baby.)
Meemaw's Rocks on my pinky

Last time we hung with this particular boy the girls were tied to a rope and standing on a board about 50 yards from the back of his parents motorboat. Yes, some call it water skiing. I call it starting your 4 year old on the path to the X Games. So I made the mom promise me, No skydiving parties!

Have you thrown or taken your kid to a unique birthday party? Break it down for me (please, 200 words or less) in the comment section (by Friday 10/10/08) and you'll be entered to win a drawing for a Shrinky Dinks book from Klutz!

(Comments left after Friday are appreciated but won't qualify for the drawing.)



InstantAmber said...

You're raising some extreme kids there. Oh, and I love love love shrinky dinks.

Joann said...

You never fail to crack me up!

Linda (minnemom) said...

We haven't had birthday parties for our kids yet. Instead, we take them along on research for my blog, er, fun family outings, whether day trips or weekend getaways and try to create some special family memories for their birthdays.

Naomi said...

My kids are 4 1/2 and 14 months so maybe the crazy themed birthday parties have yet to begin... the zaniest things we have encountered have been bouncy houses (Roo refuses to try) and trampolines (begrudgingly liked).

tara said...

I have two for you..
#1.. my 6 year old son was invited to a party that involved taking a ride on a 4 seater private plane.. no, I was not thrilled (especially after reading the waiver), but I was going to allow him to go.. unfortunately (or in my case fortunately) we arrived a little late and rain set in.. we weren't able to take the flight.. oh well! maybe next time??
#2.. easy one.. for kids a little older.. send them into a corn maze and they will be lost for hours... it's so easy- you don't have to do a thing.. cake when they find their way out..