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Monday, October 13, 2008

ScaryMom gets dissed hard

I've just spent the last hour looking for photos I took with my cell phone camera of the Twofer riding their bikes sans training wheels and came across a video I took with my cell phone this summer.

Here I am trying to capture a
wonderful summer moment and I get a very clear shoulder snub. Is that a girl thing or what? Even so, with twins, the mom (or primary care giver) is often the third wheel. I'm also often left out, left behind, and the butt of the joke.

You wonder why I call myself ScaryMom?
But I'm also the adult, so I get to bitch about it here and torture them prom night with a video montage.

In this short and very crappy quality video we are on the train at Cabin John Regional Park which is a great park if you ever happen to be in the area. I thought I was doing something very nice. Apparently I am already and embarrassment to my 5-going-on-13 year olds.

Last time I do something nice...


Anonymous said...

okay, so did you have to highlight "sans" and send me to the wikipedia site, as if I didnt know what it meant..I thought maybe I would get a picture of the girls or something...

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Okay I had to laugh at the girls pretending to be camera shy. They are adorable but clearly not ready for the "mommy big screen!"

Stewart said...

I can guarantee that you won't be the one they are complaining about....I have plans to embarass them for many years to come. Oh, and I agree with Debbie.