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Thursday, October 9, 2008

WARNING...this post will self-destruct in 5 minutes.

Seriously, this post will have to be deleted at some point.

I do my best to be as open and honest in this blog as I can without completely compromising the welfare (and r
eputation) of my family. That said, because the Towfer offer so much content, they are often highlighted in my posts and I realize that someday that might piss them when they are 16. Although the fact that they already read has me worried that day may come a lot sooner.

So here's the scoop:

It has come to our attention that M can make herself cry.
I don't mean whiny, pouty-face, cry.
I mean full-on, Haley-Joel-Osment-in-The-Sixth-Sense, Halle-Berry-Oscar- acceptance-speech, me-after-the-wat
ching-the-hospital-scene-from-Terms-of- Endearment, body collapsing, shaking, dry-heaving tears.

It is a sight to behold. And the other day she did it over something as silly as no dessert. I literally stood up and gave her a round of applause and saw dollar signs in my eyes.

ScaryMom, "M - that was amazing! You know you can make a LOT of money doing that in front of a camera?!"

M, "Really?" sniff "Why?"

ScaryMom, "Seriously. What do you think about to make yourself cry like that?"

M, "I don't know." sniff "I just think about something sad like you and daddy leaving me or something and I cry."

ScaryMom (ignoring the fact that she thinks about us leaving her) "And you can do that whenever you want?"

M, sniff, sniff nods her head.

ScaryMom, "Can you do it again and show daddy?"

M, sniff "OK.....", and the tears start rolling.

So now it has become a game, but I don't know who's winning.
We've had her do it for some close friends and family members because at first I saw it like any other talent. "Look what M can do!"
But now I'm beginning to wonder because she's cranked up the crying episodes lately and what I thought was 5 yr old drama might just be me being duped!

M starting her magic

If she's this good at playing me at 5, what will she be like at 10? At 13? At 16?
So why not explore (note: not exploit) this talent a little more and see if I can't get her to channel it into a nice Disney movie roll?

Any talent scouts out there looking for cute red-heads with a knack for tears?

Now that I've exposed my daughter, enjoy commenting on my parenting skills (or lack of) because this post won't be up here forever. But I will always be scary.

Cry baby cry,


Debbie said...

I would be terrified! But that is some serious talent. Maybe she'll be famous and rich and you will retire in glorious, but scared, comfort.

Stewart said...

For the record, ScaryDad is against any promotion of tears and/or drama in my house. I live with (3) females (red-headed females at that) and there is no need for additional emotions. However, I would like to remind ScaryMom about all the times that I wasn't sympathetic to M's episodes because I was certain she was forcing tears. Now that ScaryMom has admitted M's "talent", does this mean I don't need to hear the speech about "kids needing to be able to show their emotions" again?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh, I guess I shouldn't laugh, but that is so great! I think it might be a bit scary to have a kid who could turn on tears like that though!

I'm afraid I would be the kind of mother that would trot out this talent at times to show it off too...

Lorie said...

So talented! Good luck with the talent scouts!! ;D

info said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Abby has that talent as well, she can start a chest-heaving sob over a mellow "please don't do that again." Never thought I could profit from it but you have given me much to ponder...

ScaryMom said...

Thanks for the comments! None of you (including Mr. Scary) called me a bad mother for wanting to make some money off this drama. I am truly grateful :). ScaryMom