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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Caviar vs. Fish Sticks

My twins are not your typical 5 year-olds at least in terms of food.

They would rather eat caviar than fish sticks.

Random photo that came up on search for 'fish sticks'

They also eat, among other things...
grilled octopus
sushi (Cali roll is all I'll let them have)
eggs with spinach
Ms. Vicky's Jalapeno chips Miss Vickie's Potato Chips, Hand Picked Jalapeno, 1.375-Ounce Large Single Serve Bags (Pack of 64)

as well as...
taramoslata (caviar dip)
and just about anything on the CAVA menu.

Take note - they have always eaten stuff like this. Oh, on occasion they've gone through picky periods but it doesn't last long. Most recently M went on an "I don't like peanut butter" spell that had me all worked up because she's been eating it once a week since they were 'cleared' for it at 2! (Plus, PB &J is my go-to food when I have nothing else to make for lunch - you can't take that away from me!!!)

And also note that I'm not counting on this lasting forever. Now that they are in school and exposed to more kids who don't like certain foods, I'm guessing their tastes may change because frankly, it's just not cool to bring in hummus and veggies for lunch...or is it? I noticed the school menu has more exotic offerings than the chicken fricasee from my days.

For now I'll keep offering different foods whenever I can and especially when we are out. I'm going to try and hide the kids menus, and have them pick from the regular menu. Anything to avoid the mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets rut a little longer.

Oh, and for real, they HATE fish sticks.

Do your kids like any unique foods?
Tell me what else we should try!

Janine (SM)


Debbie said...

My three boys were always strictly the kids menu type. My daughter - like your twins. She hasn't ever met a food she won't try. She hates anything found on a kid's menu. She is 17 and her tastes haven't gotten less adventuresome. The great thing now - she can ship up little oddities all by herself!

PTE said...

My twins developed a very early taste for pulled pork. They were 13 mos. and their uncle had been rocking the smoker all day long. They kids went on an absolutely bender, they just couldn't get it in fast enough, consuming a BBQ feast that put the adults to shame. As you can image, diaper duty was pretty nasty for the next several days.

Ever since, whenever they are at a BBQ joint, when the server asks about chicken fingers or a burger, they always respond confidently by requesting either pulled pork or ribs with corn bread.

followthatdog said...

Sounds a lot like my guys. Django loves sushi, especially tobiko. Ansel is a huge fan of oven roasted Brussels sprouts. They both love blue cheeses, raw tuna, anything expensive, and anything unusual. I am a bit proud of this adventuresome streak. Django still loves mac and cheese, but he doesn't really consider the orange powdered stuff mac and cheese. He expects it to be homemade with Gruyere and extra sharp cheddar. Snob. The first time he had the other kind at a playdate he turned his nose up at it and asked what it was.

Suanne said...

I like when Julie gets around your girls because it ups her game at the dinner table. Calamari? Disgusting...oh, her cousins are eating it? She'll try it...