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Friday, November 21, 2008

Is it a "Mom" cut?

A little over a week ago I posted a video asking for some help on deciding what I should do with my hair.

Today was the day, and with a little help from my amazing stylist (and his colorist), I am back to my old red-headed self with a cute little cut to boot!
It's NOT a bob, for those of you who voted, but it's also not short-short (he suggested I wait until the weather is warmer as it was snowing today).

It's somewhere in the middle but he, along with a room full of 19 year-olds, assured me it's definitely NOT a mom cut!

So here's the before:

And Voila, the after!

PLUS - it's red (strawberry blond) again! No more, "Where did your girls get their red hair?" Because honey, it's obvious now that they got it from me!

This, by the way, is no small feat. Three colors help make this possible. I don't even think that's in their price list (I see 2-step color but not 3)! I wish my Mac's photobooth picked up the depth of color but you can definitely see the difference.

Here are some pics of me and L so you can really see that we match.

Thanks for all your help, support, or at least faking interest in my BIG decision!

Whatcha think?


Matt - mmWine said...

I think your hair looks great .. and the pictures with you and your daughter are adorable!

Anonymous said...

VERY cute! Love it!

Debbie said...

You look beautiful and perky. Good choice.

Anne said...

It looks great! The cut and color were excellent choices. Very stylish. Your daughter looks just like you.

mamikaze said...

You look great!

Missives From Suburbia said...

Love it!! It's perfect for your face.

Sandra Foyt said...

Fabulous! And, I bet your daughters are thrilled to share the same hair color with mom.

Barbara said...

What a great haircut. Have a great Thanksgiving.