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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't buy your kid a cell phone until you see this

Do you know who's going to be texting your child?
What happens when they misplace the phone?
How can you realistically set limitations as to when they use the phone?

(Feel free to jump to video farther down this post)

I never gave this topic much thought until I came across a phone service called Kajeet who impressed me not only with the parental controls that can be applied to any of their phones, but also because they recognized the power behind moms as decision-makers, and savvy shoppers.

I then applied, and was accepted, to be on the Kajeet Mom Team. They sent me a phone to demo and now...

I believe in:
1. GPS locator....seriously, this is to locate the phone, not necessarily your child, but I can't tell you how many times I've lost my phone. Now I can log in online and find it!

2. No contracts or termination fees...monthly plans are available for as los as $5.00 a month (adding a phone to your existing plan is about $9/mo) or you can pay just 10 cents a minute.

3. The kajeet easily and flexibly configure parental controls including
how much money is spent
what time the phone can/can't be used
and who can call or text your child! really love it! They can take pictures, text, download ring tones and games - all the things they love but with limitations they set along with their parents.

Here's a short video that shows how all the limitations can be easily configured online.

All my friends and family (ie: my faithful readers) can get an additional 15% off the cost of your Kajeet phone when you sign up here: (Many phones are already on sale for the holidays and this is 15% off in addition to the discounts listed online!)

PLUS - leave me a comment here when you've signed up and I'll give you a promo code to save $10 when you activate your phone!

I hope this is helpful to you parents trying to navigate the world of mobile phones for your kids. I was certainly impressed. Happy shopping!


Julie Roads said...

Wow - what an excellent and SMART product. Do they make one of those to control Twitter use? I could really use that too. LOL

Barbara said...

A little too late for me. We are all either iphones or blackberries. ;)

Sandra Foyt said...

Sounds like a great product! We enrolled in a family plan last year, but I'll keep this in mind when it's time to get a phone for my youngest.

Anne Mayhew said...

Love this. My kids are almost there so will keep in mind!

Linda said...

This is an interesting concept that I might consider in the future.